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Let's Get to Know Each Other...

This is me....

Now that we have the professional stuff out of the way, let’s get real. As mentioned, I am a voiceover artist. But who am I? I am a proud father and husband. I really (REALLY) enjoy coffee and drink way too much of it every day. If you ever want to chat about coffee drop me a line!

Proud Canadian, still drinking coffee.

As I said above, I am a North American voiceover artist. More specifically though I live just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. What does this mean to you? Good question. I can deliver audio in a neutral North American accent, Canadian accent and HEAVY Canadian accent. It also means that I can be in studio if you happen to record in eastern Ontario. Don’t worry though, I have a home studio fully equipped with many toys to ensure you get top quality audio world wide!

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Another great thing about being Canadian is hockey. I love the sport of hockey. I play it, coach a minor hockey team and watch my beloved Ottawa Senators whenever I can.

Contact me

Contact me

I am a North American voiceover artist. I deliver a neutral accented, conversational read and pride myself on delivering what clients are looking for every time. If you want a voice and you want it to be hassle free then contact me for more info.