Mike Durocher




A Simple Conversation that Changed My Business.

Mike Durocher, June 3 2019

So I had a normal adult conversation recently that totally changed my business life. First off, what's a normal adult conversation?  These are the normal talks you have when you meet people and get to know them. This happens a lot for me, I have 3 kids in various activities. While there you generally get to know the fellow parents hanging out.

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"CATCH THE BALL" The Pitfalls of Results Based Leadership.

Mike Durocher, May 28 2019

For the past few years I have had the privilege of coaching both of my sons in their budding minor hockey careers. I know exactly what you are all thinking, “Mike, did you take crazy pills?” The short answer, maybe I did. In spite of all the early mornings, the crazy parents, the kids that didn’t want to be there, I have to say that coaching a min...

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Voice Over

How Good is Your Phone System?

Mike Durocher, May 16 2019

Hello everyone, I'd like to talk to you about a frequently overlooked area of your business that could be driving away customers and making it more challenging to achieve your business goals. Your phone system. That's right, that little black thing on your desk that rings when you don't want it too, the phone. Even in today’s online world, the pho...

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