Mike Durocher

Mike Durocher, May 16 2019

How Good is Your Phone System?

Hello everyone,

I'd like to talk to you about a frequently overlooked area of your business that could be driving away customers and making it more challenging to achieve your business goals. 

Your phone system. 

That's right, that little black thing on your desk that rings when you don't want it too, the phone. Even in today’s online world, the phone may still be the first impression a customer gets of your business and how you handle yourself.

Before we can talk about your phone system though, we need to do a little exercise.

What I'd like you to do, is close your eyes and envision for about a minute what your business is. What do you do? What sets you apart from your competition? Do you pride yourself on best in class customer service?  

All right, now that that is done, open up a webpage, google the name of your company, find the phone number that pops up and dial it. 

What was your experience like?  If you were a concerned or angry customer what would your impression be?  If you were calling to buy something or pay your bill, could you get a hold of someone easily?

Bottom line, if your phone experience didn't match your brand vision exercise, then it might be time to update your phone system. 

Now I know you might want to go out right away and change your entire phone system but here are a few things you should consider:

Plan it Out – Even a basic phone system needs a plan. The more complicated, the bigger the plan. Write out a script and flow chat of how you want the system to work, you don’t want the person recording it to have to hesitate to improvise anything.

 The Voice of Your Brand - Who is currently voicing your phone system?  Chances are it's someone in your office who's been volunteered to do this. But is that the right choice?  The person should sound confident and professional. Any long pauses, large breaths, clicks, umms and coughs are all reflecting your brand. Being a voice over artist, I think everyone should have a professional recording done by me on their phone system, however if that’s not possible, ensure you pick the right person to be the voice of your brand.

Customer Focused – This should go without saying, but your phone system needs to be beneficial and easy to use from the customers point of view. There is a Doctor’s office locally that when I call to make an appointment I have to listen to 5 minutes of information before I get can connect with someone to book an appointment. They run me through their hours of operation, website, the “call 911 if this is an emergency” disclaimer and the fact that they don’t provide medical advice by email. Usually I’m pretty frustrated by the time I get to talk to a human, and this is just for booking an appointment. Imagine if I were a customer that is having a problem.

If you have any further questions, or would like to a quote on getting your phone system done professionally, comment below or email me ([email protected]), and don’t forget to like and share if anyone you know would find this interesting



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Mike Durocher


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