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Mike Durocher, June 3 2019

A Simple Conversation that Changed My Business.

So I had a normal adult conversation recently that totally changed my business life.

First off, what's a normal adult conversation?  These are the normal talks you have when you meet people and get to know them. This happens a lot for me, I have 3 kids in various activities. While there you generally get to know the fellow parents hanging out. 

2 weeks ago I was at my son’s softball game, which at best is 5 minutes of excitement crammed into a two hour period. So I did what I normally do, I started talking to another dad at the game. I've chatted with Greg at hockey tryouts and soccer practices so it was great to see him at softball, because I’ve always enjoyed talking to him. 

Now I couldn't remember what Greg does for a living and when the topic of work came up he told me he's the CEO of PageCloud. 

"PageCloud" I said, “What's that?”

What he starts to describe for me hit like a ton of bricks. I knew I had to implement it into my business right away. PageCloud was the answer to what I had been looking for. 

My problem was my WordPress website. Although it was OK looking, I wasn't really happy with it. My images were a hodgepodge of sizes. My audio files were large and slowed the website down. YouTube links to work I've done we're there but slow to load.  I had a dog's breakfast of plugins on my site. I didn't know what they did and I was scared to uninstall them. SEO and all that stuff I had no idea how to modify. Bottom line my website looked alright but it only did about ¾ of what I was envisioning and I didn't know how to improve it. 

That's where PageCloud comes in. What Greg described to me was a website builder not based in WordPress. It was a drag and drop visual builder that saved changes live to my website. Every piece of media added was resized instantly to whatever browser it was being used on. Fully responsive it also was great and easy to modify for mobile. Honestly most of the techie stuff Greg described was over my head. But I had two points that stuck to me: fast load time and complete control over my own site. 

Page Load Time

Page load time is key to the success of your website. 47% of customers expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds and every second your load time is delayed results in a decrease in page views of 11%. My site was loading in 6-7 seconds with WordPress. I was hemorrhaging clients from my website and didn't know how to fix it. My bounce rate was 100% and average page view was around 1 second. 

Then came PageCloud. In one night, I had created my account, redesigned my site and had it active. I had used the same buffet of media that I had used in WordPress. But now my page load time was….

1.6 SECONDS!!!!!!!!

This was a total game changer for me and my business.  My retention rate went way up and I now felt confident in sharing my site with people. 

Total Website Control

The other intriguing thing Greg had described was total control of my site, both content and visual. Anything I want to change I can. Everything resizes easily and is positioned on the page with snap to lines so you don't have to guess if things are lined up. The other great thing, you want to embed something on the site, find the code from say YouTube and paste it anywhere in the editor. Bam! It instantly shows up. This YouTube video can be resized and moved wherever you want on the page.

Although this control is amazing for me, I have been pretty lucky because I have always designed my own website.  I know there are people out there though, that have used web designers. That’s great, until you need to contact that designer to even do something as simple as fixing a typo or inserting a new client testimonial.  Then your site is being held hostage, only to be modified by your designer and at their convenience. Not very convenient for you!


Now all of this is very nice, and I know what you’re thinking.  “Hey Goober, what’s this going to cost me?”

Well it’s not free.  But, the cost is very reasonable for what you are getting.  A monthly subscription to PageCloud is only $24 USD per month, which is actually less than I was paying before.  If you go annual, it saves you even more ($20 USD/month) and you get some great throw ins, G-Suite and a free domain name.

There is a 14 day free trial, which can be extended to 30 days when you complete certain steps in creating your site.  

Also if you sign up through my referral link here and go with a paid plan, you get a one month credit for your subscription.

All in all, this is an amazing tool that I would 100% recommend to anyone doing their own website. If you or anyone you know could use this please share this link for them: https://referral.pagecloud.com/trial/R4RAE6ETG6

Thank you for reading this fully amazing blog post.  I'd also like to say thank you to Greg and all the team at PageCloud for giving me back my website! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out by email, on my website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, I can no longer communicate via carrier pigeon.



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Mike Durocher


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